The best in class platform for service management.

Best in class mobile work tool to manage on-site services. Complete control, oversight, and real-time data through a simple dashboard.

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The Proven End-to-End Crowd Service Platform for Every Business.

With Buddy.inc, you can deliver effective onsite services by tracking requests, managing personnel, and maintaining visibility into operations.

Simplifying complexities of large scale field service management with optimized UI and up to 10x efficiency compared to existing industry standard 

Enabling utilization of the gig-economy for higher scalability and expansion, with lower risk

Boosting revenue, retention, NPS and creating a new sales avenue within home retail 

Buddy.inc simplifies complexities

of large scale service management.

Buddy.inc enables the use of the gig-economy 

for higher scalability and expansion, with lower risk.

Buddy.inc is tailored for services 

such as booking, matching, CRM, scheduling, mobile worktool, task management, real-time data and reporting, and much more.

Buddy.inc boosts revenue,

retention, NPS and helps to create a new sales avenue within home retail.

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